Your donation helps people leave wheelchairs on the ground and soar!

Thank You To Our Sponsors A‚Äčnd Partners

Operation PROP is a not-for-profit organization (501)(c)(3) registered in good standing with the Secretary of State of Mississippi.  It was founded by Linwood Nooe, a Jackson, MS businessman and avid pilot.  Linwood started Operation PROP with a vision that if people with disabilities and wounded veterans could experience the sheer joy of flying high above the earth where everything seems possible, they will be better equipped to achieve their goals on the ground that they previously thought were impossible.  Linwood is also passionate about putting into production once again airplane hand controls, so people with disabilities and wounded veterans can benefit from the many opportunities the world of aviation offers.  These dreams cost money and the amount exceeds the means of Linwood and the volunteers who support Operation PROP's mission.  Here's how your tax deductible donation helps.

  • Your donation will be used to fund flying events for people with disabilities and wounded veterans.  Typical flying event expenses include food, t-shirts, modest travel expenses for special guests, and gas gift cards for volunteer pilots.

  • Your donation will also be used to help fund the expenses associated with getting airplane hand controls back into production. This is important for people with lower spinal cord injuries who cannot use their legs.  Airplane hand controls make it possible for them to earn their pilot's license or resume flying if they already had their license before being injured (as is often the case with wounded veterans).

Operation PROP is an all volunteer organization.  Flying events are FREE and airplane hand controls will be FREE, so any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.  Please help Operation PROP by clicking on the Donate button. 


If you cannot donate, but would like to support Operation PROP in other ways, please send us a message.