Operation PROP (People Reaching Outrageous Potential) is a non-profit committed to empowering people with disabilities, both physical and developmental, and wounded veterans, to achieve outrageous potential through the joy of flight. Flying in a plane is magical; it can inspire people to achieve in ways never before thought possible.

Airplane Hand Controls

Operation PROP hosts FREE "Let's Go Flying" events. Volunteer pilots bring their planes and give free airplane rides.  Wheelchairs and "I can'ts" are left on the ground while people fly high above the earth.    Ground activities include wheelchair basketball, arts and crafts, food, and friendship.  Barriers between those with/without disabilities vanish.

The Lives We Impact

Linwood Nooe

Founder, Operation PROP

Our Mission

Man dreamed of flying, and one hundred years ago the dream came true. Three years ago it was taken away from people with lower spinal cord injuries when the production of Union hand controls stopped in America.  Operation PROP obtained the rights to start producing airplane hand controls again so the dream of flying can again be a reality for all.  

Let's Go Flying

Operation PROP Featured in November 2014 AOPA e-Magazine 

Save the Date: May 21, 2016 Stennis International Airport Kiln, MS!


Operation PROP

Started: 2011

Founder: Linwood Nooe

Address: 540 Timber Run, Brandon, MS

Phone: 601-624-4400

Email: Nooelinwood@gmail.com

Web: www.operationprop.org

Operation PROP is a not for profit 501(c)(3) registered in good standing with the Secretary of State in the state of Mississippi.  Donations are tax deductible.

Welcome to Operation PROP!  We have adopted Amelia Earhart's philosophy, "Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done."  We want people to see that a disability does not have to stop them from enjoying a full life. Our flying events inspire people to believe that anything is possible. 

​Please take a few minutes and watch the short YouTube video to the right; simply click on the arrow on the airplane.  The video will give you a good feel for an Operation PROP flying event and how we help people with disabilities and our wounded veterans achieve outrageous potential.

Recently we acquired the rights to manufacture airplane hand controls, so people with lower spinal cord injuries can earn their pilot's license.  We are super excited about this!

Send me an email; I would love to tell you more.  

Thanks for checking us out!

Blue skies and tailwinds,